Wednesday, April 15, 2015

things are growing!

It's Spring!

I mean, I know it's been spring for a few weeks, but it actually feels like spring and it's starting to look like spring, too. phew! The grass is greening up, and the trees have buds, some are just starting to have tiny leaves open. The very sad forsythia is blooming. (It's sad because it's planted with some other flowering thing right at the corner of my house. I didn't do that. My gardening skills are few, but I know enough to give room to grow.) Every year I wish I had more of it, but I only love it when it's blooming. I'm fickle like that.

The seeds I started last month have sprouted and with any luck, I will be overrun with tomatoes, cukes, and red peppers later this summer. Also starting in the sunroom: basil, cilantro, oregano, dill, and lettuce. While the veggies will get transplanted next month, the herbs will stay safely in the sunroom away from the bunny. The rhubarb is coming up and so are the strawberries which I had in containers last year. They will need a new home, too.

Daffodils are up (but need to be moved) and so are the chionodoxa.  New irises are transplanted in the front yard. And tiny little violet leaves are coming up through the lawn. This probably horrifies some people, but I love them. And this year there will be violet syrup. I'm hoping this will also mean a summer of violet lemonade and violet cocktails.

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