Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Bug Off: a bug free hike!

I got a lot of questions and messages about this bug spray when I posted about it on facebook, so I thought I ought to write it up where people can find it easily. And I'll be using lots of it this summer. Apparently I have a lot of hiking in my future, because Thing 2 is working on his hiking merit badge for scouts. I am not really a hiker. And I hiked 10 miles last weekend. Are you impressed? I am. Even my kid was impressed. 
We hiked on the path at Wicker Park, and made 4+ laps. This is the first of five 10 mile hikes to be topped off with a 20 miler. I am seriously trying to find excuses not to do the 20 mile hike. Suggestions are welcome.

We have had tons of rain here lately and the mosquitoes population here is healthy. Mosquitoes love me. The last time I was outside for five minutes I got bitten twice through my jeans. I feel like bare skin is fair game but you should not get bug bites through clothing. There was no way I was going to spend 4 hours outside hiking without bug spray. Except bug spray is gross. It feels gross. It smells gross. And let's face it, it's poison you spray on your skin. Why does anyone think this is a good idea? Yuck. I made my own. All natural. No poison. Smells good. Feels like nothing. And it worked. No bites!

It's super easy.
I used a repellent blend, lemongrass, peppermint, and arborvitae. The repellent blend was one I used last year, just slightly diluted in coconut oil. This year I've upped my game and made it into a small spray bottle, which I can carry anywhere, easily. And it uses my leftover 15 ml empty bottles.

Since the hike, I've also used the Bug Off! spray when I was in the garden, and while watching our town's Twilight Parade (twilight=prime mosquito time) and two other parades that Thing 2 was marching in with his scout troop. No bites! Thing 2 is off at Scout Camp for the week and he has a bottle, as well as extra oils to refill it when he runs out. 

Thing 2's favorite oils.

If you are interested in knowing more about essential oils, please contact me.

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