Monday, June 12, 2017

Spring Break Smoothies

It's Spring Break. You know what that means? We might get to sleep in this week. We aren't going anywhere. Amazingly, both my kids have the same week off. This hasn't happened in at least 5 years. So what Spring Break means for you might be different, but here it's an extra long weekend. 

What it means here is I'm not trying to drag my kids out of bed or nagging hurrying them to get ready so they won't be late. It likely means that Thing 2 will still complain about doing his chores all week. It means Thing 1 refused to wear a shirt this morning and I don't care. I can't send him to school without a shirt, but he can watch Sesame Street youtube videos in his mancave without a shirt on. 

Most days, Thing 1 comes home from school and asks for a smoothie. He brings me the blender, and the V-Shake, and the TerraGreens. Yep, the kid brings me powdered greens to put in his smoothie! Do your kids ask for veggies? 

It makes me feel a little bit like this...

V-Shake is awesome because it's high protein and high fiber so it helps fill my almost 17 year old kid up. (17? How did that happen?) He's a bottomless pit. And I can hide veggies in it. He won't eat fruit or veggies because he has sensory issues, so we are still buying baby food. With a smoothie, I can fill him up and get fruits and veggies into him and give him some probiotics. It's a Win-Win-Win.

Probiotics? Oh Yeah. So much of behavior and immune system strength is tied to a healthy GI tract. Honestly, it is not necessary to hide the PB Assist Jr. It tastes like Pixie Stix. And it comes in a similar packaging. It can be mixed into a smoothie or juice but tastes great right out the package. I may have taste tested it, once. Or twice. Or more. Thing 2 loves them. And he can easily swallow pills, but if I hand him a capsule of probiotics, he isn't interested. If I hand him a sachet of PB Assist Jr., he asks if he can have more. With a guaranteed 5 billion live colonies per serving, it's a powerhouse in a yummy kid-approved format. And those colonies are specially encapsulated to make it through the stomach acid to land in the intestines where they are actually needed. Yay for good gut flora! 

What?! You don't get excited about good gut flora? Wierdo.

Anyway the smoothies... I switch up the recipe in terms of frozen fruit, so that it tastes different every time. I do this purposely so that 
1. He gets more types of fruit (and therefore nutrients) into his diet.
2. He doesn't get so accustomed to a specific flavor that he won't drink it if it's different.
Thing 1 is a creature of habit, and that's a real concern.

Thing 1 Smoothie

8 oz. non-dairy milk (we rotate between coconut, almond, and cashew)
2 scoops doTERRA V-Shake
1 scoop doTERRA TerraGreens
1 banana (or sometimes 1/2 avocado)
approximately 1/2 cup frozen fruit. I never measure. Today we used strawberries.
1 sachet doTERRA PB Assist Jr.
1-2 drops of wild orange or tangerine doTERRA essential oil

Put everything in a blender and blend til smooth. 

The mason jar is for pictures only. Thing 1 gets his smoothie in a plastic cup.

I use the TrimShake, too! TrimShake is vegetarian friendly, but the V-Shake is vegan. While my son is using this line more as a sports shake, I use it as a lunch meal-replacement shake. It makes a yummy addition to any weight control plans. It's great for times when I'm on the go. And I am in love with the Orange Cream flavor. Perfect for Spring Break!

Spring Break Smoothie

8 oz. non-dairy milk
2 scoops doTERRA Orange Cream Trim Shake
1 scoop doTERRA TerraGreens (because Mommies need veggies, too!)
1 banana
~1/2 cup frozen mango or pineapple
1-2 drops doTERRA wild orange or tangerine oil

Put everything in a blender and blend til smooth.

This needs a paper umbrella.

If you try these, let me know what you think! If you are ready to take charge of your own wellness goals, I want to help! Please contact me. I'd be happy to call you and help you create a wellness plan.

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