Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Do You Know Frank(incense)?

Do you? Do you know Frank? I love it. Absolutely one of my favorite oils. Do I say that every week? But, seriously. Frank does it all.

We first started using frankincense with my older son. Thing 1 has some special needs and I'd heard that frank supports healthy brain function. I thought it couldn't hurt. I want to do everything I can to set this kid up for success,  right? We started rubbing a drop on the back of his neck, right over the cedarwood.

Let me tell you, we had some side effects. You know what I love about essential oils? Did you say: Everything!? Yes, of course, everything! But specific to this story: 

I love that the side effects are GOOD side effects. 

We noticed that he was healthier,  because his immune system was stronger. That impressed me. But what really impressed me was Thing 1 stopped dropping to the floor during transitions.

He had this incredibly annoying,  (and occasionally painful if you were holding his hand) habit of dropping to the floor when he was supposed to go somewhere new. Like every time he needed to change classroom stations, or classrooms, or leave the gym, or go to the store. It was bad. It was so bad that the school was calling us almost every day to tell us that he had dropped to the floor and they couldn't get him back up. Could we come and help? Yeah, that bad.

You know what Frank did? Frank put an end to that. 

What began as a physical wellness use of frank (healthy brain function) blossomed into an emotional use: feeling safe. Frank makes you feel safe!
I diffuse it for myself on days that I am just Done with a capital D. DONE.

Here are my Top 5 ways to use Frank.

1. Healthy brain function. Rub on the back of the neck or take 1-2 drops internally.
2. Keep that immune system strong! Rub on bottom of feet or take 1-2 drops internally.
3. Get grounded. Diffuse or rub drop on your hands and breathe in deeply. Rub on the back of the neck or bottoms of feet. Take 1-2 drops internally. 
4. Healthy cellular function. Take 1-2 drops internally or rub on the bottom of the feet.
5. Skin care! Add a drop to moisturizer to improve appearance of skin, or use topically to support skin that has had minor irritation.

Did you notice that a lot of those had the same suggested application for different uses? You do not need to repeat the application for every solution! One dose will cover it. Smaller doses more often is the key to success when using essential oils. Frank is also considered an enhancing oil. That means it makes gives a boost to other oils, and helps them do their job just a little bit better than on their own.

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