Friday, September 15, 2017

Mojitos! made with doTERRA essential oils

Mojitos have become quite the favorite summer drink in our house. Yummy, easy to make mojitos (and nojitos, too! )

Every month I have a team gathering at my house to get together and be social and share oils and support my downline team. I have drinks and snacks, made with essential oils. Not everyone in my team drinks, so I like to make something that can easily be non-alcoholic as well. Last month featured the mojito.

It was perfect timing, too, because Lime oil was a freebie for rewards members. If you'd like to become a rewards member and get lots of freebies, let me know so I can help you! I am passionate about helping people live better with oils, but I am just as passionate about freebies! Contact me to learn about the best savings!

The mojitos were a hit!

Not long afterwards,  my husband asked me if we had anything fun to drink. Honestly, we are big water drinkers in our house. Really, there was nothing that I thought my husband would qualify as "fun".

And then I remembered that I had everything I need for mojitos! I offered him one, and then thought twice and suggested a nojito instead. My husband is not a big drinker. It was sweet and bubbly and refreshing, perfect for a summer evening!

He was slightly skeptical,  but agreed....and he LOVED it! 

It is super easy to make and uses lime and spearmint essential oils, along with agave syrup, club soda, and rum if you choose. I like using agave syrup instead of sugar because it is already a liquid, and you aren't trying so hard to get it to dissolve. Using essential oils means no muddling is required! The reason you muddle spearmint leaves is to release the essential oils within the leaves.

I don't have measurements for the club soda and rum, because I don't measure. Truthfully, I make the syrup up with the agave and oils and only eye ball the agave. Put the syrup in a glass and top with club soda, or 1/2 club soda and 1/2 rum. Either way you will need to give each glass a quick stir. 

Have you made any cocktails with essential oils? I would love to hear what you've tried! I am always on the lookout for something new, so please share your successful recipes with me!

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