Monday, September 11, 2017

What You Need To Know About doTERRA's New Siberian Fir Oil

I was originally planning to go A to Z when I spotlight oils, but I can't possibly when we have all these new oils ready to be released next month! Sorry, arborvitae. I love you, but you will just have to wait.

The Siberian Fir announcement was a bit of a mixed blessing.


So I was doing a little happy dance in my chair, until the announcement that White Fir was going away. sob! I've been using White Fir nightly in my diffuser, along with Breathe, and a drop of thyme. But, science. Yep, we get a lot of science from doTERRA. These are CPTG, Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade oils, known for their purity and potency. White Fir no longer had a sustainable supply source, so it goes away. I hope it will be back. But, science! 

White Fir has nothing on Siberian Fir. 

The key constituents that White Fir has (that Douglas Fir doesn't) are found in much higher quantities in Siberian Fir! What does this mean? It means Siberian Fir, will work much in the same way as White Fir, only better!

To help you get started with this amazing new oil, here are some ways to use it!

💧Diffuse to promote feelings of grounding,    relaxation, and rest. 

💧Inhale to soothe dry airways.

💧Apply Topically, to soothe skin irritations.

💧Apply to overactive tissues to ease discomfort.
💧Use 1-3 drops in a capsule to support body systems and normal cellular function.

Yes! Siberian Fir is GRAS labeled so it is safe for internal use. I've tasted  it (because I could) and it is not unpleasant. I'm working on a cocktail recipe using it. Once I perfect it, you can be sure that I'll share it here!

In the meantime,  I have an awesome diffuser recipe to share! I'm calling it Silent Slumber.  It supports open airways and clear *silent* sleep. Raise your hand if you have a noisy roommate! 🖐🖐🖐👃💤💤💤

Siberian Fir has already become a new favorite! Be sure to let me know if you try this blend!

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