Monday, September 11, 2017

Post Convention Renewal

I am so inspired coming back from Convention. (For those of you not in the loop, doTERRA just held their annual convention in Salt Lake City. It's three days of awesomeness in the form of new products, science, and inspiration.) This year's theme was all about you. And me. And all of us. And empowerment. And empowering. And hope, And a vision! And Disrupting Health Care!!! And service to others. And lifting up. And holding up. And holding space.

It was as amazing as I expected.

This was my second year at Convention and my excitement was a little different from last year. Last year was full of Wonder at the Unknown. This year was marveling at the Glittering Future laid out before me.

I am ready.

Founder Emily Wright asked me (and 30,000 of my closest friends) to go all in. To not play small. So here is me showing up in a big way, with a heart of service.

I am rebranding. Rebuilding in a way to make the most of my time and energy and reach. My So Essential facebook group is now super secret, so I can best serve the people on my team. There is a new facebook page, So Essential Wonders so I can still educate people about essential oils, and this blog, which has started in fits, repeatedly, has a new way forward, too. I will be posting three times weekly.

On Mondays, there will be the Men's Post. Yep, Monday is ManDay.
On Wednesdays, there will be a product spotlight.
On Fridays, a new diffuser blend each week!

You can follow me on social media on facebook, instagram, pinterest, and of course, right here.

Are you ready? To not play small? To live life fully, and naturally? What are you ready for?

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